Conway Electric - Conway Exto +2 Orange - Modern Anthology - 1
Conway Electric - Conway Exto +2 Orange - Modern Anthology - 1
Conway Electric - Conway Exto +2 Orange - Modern Anthology - 2
Conway Electric - Conway Exto +2 Orange - Modern Anthology - 3
Conway Electric

Conway Exto +2 Orange

A more attractive, better functioning extension cord. Conway Electric started as an idea in an almost-empty apartment in Boulder, Colorado, and is today the leader in safer, modern extension cords including the first SmartChip enabled electrical extension cord. 

Hand-built in Washington State, Extōs have dual tamper-resistant, three-prong grounded sockets in an industrial cast-aluminum and stainless steel powder-coated housing. Non-slip, non-marking polyurethane feet keep the Extō in place on a table, counter or other hard surface. Extōs also have four mounting holes on the underside. They can be fix-mounted to almost any surface or the underside of furniture with self-tapping screws (not included). The wire is custom made to be more flexible so it drapes over the edge of a desk or around a corner more easily. Fewer kinks and easier handling.

The Extōs also converts to a table lamp using a direct plug bulb socket (not included), the Extō is the only modular power source with internal tamper resistant barriers protecting the electric current from little objects, helping prevent shock. 

  • 3-conductor cord rated to maximum 1560 Watts (13AMP) is impervious to oil and water and cotton-covered
  • 3-brass-prong, large diameter rubber plug
  • Cast-aluminum housing and stainless steel cover
  • Dual tamper-resistant outlets are Made in the USA by Leviton, INC
  • Polyurethane feet are slip-resistant and non-marking
  • Packaging is plastic-free corrugate cardboard for strength and recyclability