Denim Roses Necktie
Denim Roses Necktie
Denim Roses Necktie
Olaf Olsson

Denim Roses Necktie

Olaf Olsson's Denim Roses Necktie is constructed from a light weight Japanese Denim that is printed with multi-colored roses, the love he put into this necktie, flow from the roses, creating confusion in regard to whether the roses symbolize your love for denim or for something or someone else.

  • Made by Hand in the USA.
  • 100% Cotten/Linen from Japan.
  • 2-1/2" Wide and 57" Long
  • Self Tipped with Matching Fabric Keeper Loop


The story behind this Necktie might be its most interesting part, besides the colorful roses! The love of vintage denim, and the skill for creating some of the world's best denim, is an obsession in Japan. As the 1950's began, students in Japan started to become influenced by American Army base stores and American pop culture. One of the things that these students were attracted to was vintage denim jeans from the US.

The obsession with vintage denim in Japan has continued to grow, so much so that most of America's vintage denim is in the hands of Japanese collectors.

This is the reason this Necktie exist, it's more than just a pretty conversation piece...


Olaf Olsson is a boutique maker of curated, small batch men's accessories based in Northampton, Massachusetts. He focuses on making the world most interesting limited edition accessories, that add additional layers to what you are already wearing.