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Firewood + Whiskey Soy Candle

You may not be aware that the world of candles is fraught with the same arcane matters of taste and expertise as oenology, but L.A.-based Delirium and Company is a sommelier of scented wax. Though they deal in many different candle makers, their own Delirium line, created by the shops owner, is the result of substantial olfactory experience. Comparing the ubiquitous flowery drugstore candles most people know to these woody, smoky, leathery, and musky scents is like comparing the good syrah you bring for dinner with the boxed rotgut you drank in college.

Delirium Firewood & Whiskey Candle is a torrid masculine explosion of firewood, whiskey, incense, amber, musk, Mandarin and spicy cinnamon. Whiskey on the rocks on a winter's night. 

Primary Scents: Bourbon, Embers, Firewood

  • Burn Time: 60 hours
  • Scent Family: Smoky
  • Wax Family: Soy Blend
  • Dimensions: 4" tall x 3" wide