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D.S. & Durga

Mississippi Medicine

David Moltz and Kavi Ahuja are D.S. and Durga, respectively. His olfactory prowess comes from an early age, after winning a bottle of Pierre Cardin cologne in a summer camp raffle, while her background in architecture and design informs the look of their fragrances and packaging. Together they create small batches of hand-crafted colognes and perfumes from exotic, premium-sourced ingredients. Unlike that bottle of mass-produced man musk D.S. won at camp, he and Durga have brought a sophisticated artisanal approach already popular in clothing and accessories to the niche of fine fragrance.

Mississippi Medicine - Based on the rituals of the proto-Mississippian death cult of the 1200s. Native birch tar, viola, & white spruce grounded in incense & cypress root.

Top Notes: red cedar, aldehydes, frankincense distillate

Heart Notes: cypress root, black pine, cascarilla bark

Base Notes: incense, spanish cade, birch tar