Resina Fragrance - Oliver & Co. - Modern Anthology - 1
Resina Fragrance - Oliver & Co. - Modern Anthology - 1
Resina Fragrance - Oliver & Co. - Modern Anthology - 2

Oliver & Co. Resina

Oliver Valverde, a self-taught perfumer who offers a unique and radical vision in the world of fragrances, founded the brand in 2009 in Madrid. A company that avoids stereotypes and hackneyed formulas, Oliver & Co. is dedicated to a continuous search for quality, innovative designs and differentiation. Oliver & Co's combinations are a perfectly surprising, yet unconventional combination of scents.

Resina is the combination of experimenting with the most aromatic resins available in perfumery. Ingredients included in this olfactory libation are opopanax, myrrh, incense, benzoin, elemi, labdanum and many others. the outcome is a rich and sumptuous perfume filled with spicy and unusually floral textures. All of these ingredients are combined with the rare essence of the Australian fire tree, configuring an avant-garde yet comprehensible fragrance.

Tolu balsam, elemi resin from the Philippines, myrrh, labdanum from Spain, opoponax, somalian incense, siam benzoin, coffee co2, fire tree from Australia, rooibos, nutmeg, tonka bean, ginger, jasmine sambac, fir and star anise.

eau de parfum 50ml

All perfumes are handmade in Spain with prime and pure natural materials from all over the world, as well as synthetic notes, developed by the most prestigious perfume laboratories.