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Oliver & Co. Vetiverus

Oliver Valverde, a self-taught perfumer who offers a unique and radical vision in the world of fragrances, founded the brand in 2009 in Madrid. A company that avoids stereotypes and hackneyed formulas, Oliver & Co. is dedicated to a continuous search for quality, innovative designs and differentiation. Oliver & Co's combinations are a perfectly surprising, yet unconventional combination of scents.

The Vetiverus formula was bred from the collision of two prime materials that are very different in each of their own nature: the Osmanthus flower and the vetiver root. With its unmistakable dry and woody notes, vetiver is one of the most common ingredients in classic and modern perfumery. While the rare Osmanthus flower absolute is reserved for the most high-end perfumes in the world. This flower has a particularly unique combination of apricot fruit and floral notes, yet milky and leathery at the same time. With Vetiverus, vetiver takes on a new identity, less woody and obvious, acquiring an obscure, sophisticated and erotic voluptuousness.

Labdanum from Spain, styrax, Haitian vetiver, ambergris, coriander from Russia, osmanthus absolute, orange peel, white musks, Madagascar clove.

eau de parfum 50ml

All perfumes are handmade in Spain with prime and pure natural materials from all over the world, as well as synthetic notes, developed by the most prestigious perfume laboratories.