Safety Razor + Badger Brush Set - Baxter of California - Modern Anthology

Safety Razor + Badger Brush Set

Mens skincare isn't as novel as you might think: Baxter Finley was on to the idea since 1965. After moving from New York to warm, sunny L.A., he needed something to protect his skin from the ravages of outdoor living. Unable to find a decent moisturizer that didn't come in a pink bottle or perfumed like a bouquet, he created Super Shape. The no-nonsense skin conditioner designed specifically for men led to more products targeted at different skincare concerns, which became Baxter of California. But don't think you're still using some outdated 60s moisturizer. Baxter wants us to know, "we may be old school in concept, but we're high-tech in practice."

The Double Edge Safety Razor provides a comfortable shave while that Silver Tip Badger Brush evenly distributes shave formula. Both handles are made of brass, nickel plated and finished in chrome and engraved with a pattern that borrows from the classic barbershop pole.

Set Includes:

  • Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Silver Tip Badger Brush
  • Stand